About Us

Our History

Sarmento’s Imports is a wine and spirits wholesaler and importer based in Fall River, Massachusetts. They import wines and spirits from the finest producers in the world, bringing the very best out of each country.

David Sarmento CEO and son Alfred Sarmento owners of a family restaurant in Fall River for over 40 years came up with the idea of importing and distributing wine and spirits after they had problems acquiring items out of Portugal. In 1986, Alfred and father David started to import items from overseas to Southeastern Massachusetts and Sarmento’s Imports was officially born.

Only the Very Best

Sarmento’s Imports has built a solid reputation in the import and distribution industry because they work with a very diverse array of products from top producing countries. Wine, spirits, and beer are all imported directly from the producer, and while some products are available only in the state of Massachusetts, most are made available nationwide through partnerships with other distributors.

With over 30 years of success in the industry, Sarmento’s Imports continues to grow by leaps and bounds. However, the company mission to only import and distribute the very best products out of each country remains firm. Rather than just import anything that happens to be available, Alfred Sarmento is committed to only importing top quality products and exclusive brands for wholesale distribution.