Native Portuguese Grapes Make for Some Pretty Amazing Wine

portuguese-winesWhile most people who know about fine wines can easily spout off the names of all the wine regions in France, such as the Bordeaux, Champagne, Savoy and Beaujolais, very few know much about the wine regions of Portugal. In fact, a recent study was published in the United Kingdom, which stated that French wines, in particular the Bordeaux, were highly over-rated by wine consumers, while Portuguese wines were highly under-rated. If you are not familiar with the various regions of Portugal, or the types of wines that are produced there, it is time to gain an appreciation for the unique varieties that come from this nation.

Even if you are familiar with some of the wine producers in Portugal, chances are your experiences have been limited to Port and Vinho Verde. If that is the case, you are really missing out on some pretty amazing wines. It is possible to find American wine importers who bring in a wide variety of options that you can try. Global wine distributors are bringing more varieties to consumers in the United States than ever before. In fact, you can get several Portuguese wines in Fall River, MA, if you go through the local importers and distributors at Sarmento’s Imports.

What Grapes Are Native to Portugal?
While there are many different varieties of grapes that are grown in the beautiful vineyards of Portugal, there are a few that are native to this country that are not grown in very many other places throughout the world. This helps to give Portuguese wines the ability to offer a very distinct experience to consumers around the world. Some of those varieties, such as Castelao, which is also known Periquita, which is a red wine grape that is found typically in the southern coastal regions, are also grown throughout the country. However, in order to get the DOC marking on the wine label, producers must produce wines using the grape varieties listed for their particular region.

When you purchase products from wine producers in Portugal, it is important to understand what the DOC marking is on the label. DOC stands for Denominacao de Origem Controlada, which is the Portuguese appellation system that is used to define the grape varieties that come from each wine region. Any wines that are made from grapes that are outside of the authorized list of grapes for that particular region will not be allowed to display the DOC on the label. Instead, those wines must be sold as a “table wine” under the overall VR or Vinho Regional label.

There are fourteen different wine regions throughout the country of Portugal. The wines that fall under the DOC guidelines are considered to be of a higher quality than the varieties that do not. Other terms that you will notice when you purchase Portuguese wines in Fall River, MA from global wine distributors is the word “quinta” and the word “casta” on the label. Casta is the Portuguese word for the grape variety and quinta is the term that is used to designate the wine estate that produced it. it is important to note that many Portuguese wines are made using a blend of several different grapes.

Prova Regia Arinto
Among the many Portuguese wines in Fall River, MA carried by Sarmento’s Imports, this lovely white is a very special selection. Made from the Arinto grapes that are grown in the Bucela region, this particular wine is very aromatic and has strong notes of tropical and citrus fruits, balanced perfectly with a dry, crisp acidity. It is a perfect complement to many different dishes and is a delightful choice for anyone that is new to Portuguese wines. When looking at the label, you will see it marked as Vinho Regional (VR) Lisboa, which boasts many DOCs throughout the region.

It is important for American wine importers to bring in selections that will represent the best of the wine producers in Portugal. As a matter of fact, Sarmento’s Imports began as global wine distributors in New England and across the United States, with the purpose of importing Portuguese wines for local restaurants in Southeastern Massachusetts that were having difficulty acquiring them in the area. The mission of Sarmento’s Imports is to bring the very best out of every single country that they work with to represent them to American consumers in the very best light.

For more information on the wide variety of fine wines and spirits available through Sarmento’s Imports, visit our website or contact us by calling 508-675-5575. Since 1986, we have imported wine and spirits from the finest producers in the world from such countries as Portugal, France, Spain and Chile. With over 30 years working in the industry, Sarmento’s Imports directly from the producer to provide our clients and partners with the best possible wines and spirits available.

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