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Kagor Tairovskiy Taipobo

Kagor Tairovskiy Taipobo


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Kagor Tairovskiy Taipobo

Red Dessert Wine

Dessert wine of dark red color. Kagor is a fine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. An intense and complex wine with overtones of black currants and a hint of chocolate. This delicious dessert wine is appreciated as an after-dinner must.

The Russian Orthodox Church moved into the late 18th Century French wine from the area of Cahors as altar wine and the Russian Czars as a ceremonial wine for special occasions. Since the Russian pronunciation problems regarding the “h” there, it became a “g” and “Kagor” a synonym for sacramental wine. He has been one of the favorite wines of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1917). Today he is the famous former czar and today’s state winery Massandra produced in Ukraine.

16% Alc. by Volume

12/750 ml


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