Kalnapilis Original



Size: 20/500 mldistribution-ma

Kalnapilis in Lithuanian means “a castle on a hill”.
In 1994 the Kalnapilis brewery established a joint venture with Baltic Beverages Holding, which allowed Kalnapilis to be brought up to the most modern brewing standards in the world. Kalnapilis celebrated its 95th anniversary in 1997 and thanks to the modernization of the brewery became the Number 1 beer on the Lithuanian market. Kalnapilis is serious about the taste of its beer. Just how serious? Kalnapilis labels contain indicators – when the beer is cooled to the right serving temperature, the contour of a dark glass appears on a white background – so that consumers may enjoy the best taste of Kalnapilis at the correct serving temperature. This proves how seriously Kalnapilis thinks of preserving the taste of its beer. Kalnapilis beer has a light, pale, good for everyday, refreshing taste and is excellent at quenching the heartiest thirst. Kalnapilis beer is perfect for those who seek to lead a distinguishing, unconventional way of life, free from restraints and stereotypes. Pick up some Kalnapilis and taste the best that Lithuania has to offer.

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