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Louise Dubois 1885 Pinot Noir

Louise Dubois 1885 Pinot Noir

Louise Dubois ‘1885’ Pinot Noir


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Origin: Burgundy, eastern France.

Mainly Grown In France, Germany, USA, NZ, Italy, Australia, Chile.

Key Facts: As a wine drinker, Pinot Noir is one smooth-talking charmer; silken texture, soft tannins, juicy acidity and as light in colour as it is on its feet. But as a grape grower, Pinot Noir has more in common with that high maintenance girlfriend (you know, the one who takes forever to get dressed to go out and can be a little moody…) because it is a fickle and difficult grape to grow. But the toil of growing it is always worth it in the end. Nothing quite compares to the splendour of Pinot Noir — packed with flavours of strawberry, warm baking spices and elegant earthiness… another glass is never enough.

Fun Fact: As their name suggests, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are related to Pinot Noir. In fact, they are different-coloured clones of Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir from Burgundy has a special place in the hearts of wine lovers – at its peak, it can be aromatically stunning, with delicacy and purity and deliciousness all wrapped into one lovely package. This is a great intro into the style – not as vibrantly fruity as Australian examples, but with a touch of savouriness, yet still floral and loaded with raspberries.


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