Tips for Hosting Your Own International Wine Tasting Party

tasting-party-tipsIf you have ever been to a wine tasting party, you know how much fun they can be, especially with a group of friends who all enjoy tasting and experiencing new wines together. Another great idea in wine tasting is to offer a selection of wines from all over the world. Imported wine and spirits come to wine retailers in America through international wine import companies. They work with a variety of producers, providing wine lovers with access to exotic new vintages that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to try.

Creating a Theme for Your Party
Every party needs a theme, so if you are serving a selection of international wines, it is a good idea to incorporate decorations and foods from the countries that your wine will be representing. Do a little research online and discover what foods go best with the imported wines that you will be serving, as well as a little bit about the culture for each country and region where the wines come from. Coordinate your options with the selections that are available through a distributor of fine wines that can give you the choice of international wine import locations that you desire.

When it comes to serving the food at your party, it is important to consider whether you will serve a small meal ahead of time or serve food after the tasting. One idea is to serve the foods and wines as different mini courses throughout the evening, or serve the wines as a true tasting after everyone has gotten some food in their stomachs. For best results, the only food that should only be served during the actual tasting portion of the party is bread or crackers, which are used to cleanse the palate between bottles.

Selecting the Glasses for Your Party
The next step is to make sure that you get the proper glasses for each type of wine that you will be serving. While stemless glasses are very trendy, it is especially important for a tasting, that you get glasses with stems to prevent the wine from getting warmed by hands. Colorful and decorated glasses are also popular, but detract from the beautiful colors of the wines, and should be avoided. If you are serving a wide variety of wines, you might not want to get a brand new glass for each variety that you purchase from wine retailers in America, but you should at least get a narrow glass for whites and a rounder glass for reds.

Make sure to have the following things on hand to help your party go smoothly:

  • multiple corkscrews in case something goes wrong with one
  • ice buckets for chilling the white wines
  • glasses of iced water for guests to sip between tastings
  • a community spittoon or individual disposable cups for each guest to use
  • a nearby trash receptacle for cups and napkins
  • table decorated with white tablecloths and white napkins to allow the natural
  • tones and hues of the wines to shine

Order Enough Wine for Your Party
Obviously the amount of wine that you and your guests will consume at a wine tasting party will be different than what might be consumed at a regular non-tasting party. A typical bottle of wine can pour four to five regular glasses of wine or enough wine for seven to ten people to have a taste of each variety. Whenever you are serving imported wine and spirits, make sure to work with your local distributor of fine wines to ensure that you have ordered enough wine to serve all of your guests.

A typical wine tasting will usually have between six and twelve individuals. Any more than that and there may be too much discussion or too many people at the tasting table. Any less than six, and there won’t be enough to really come to a consensus about the various wines that you have purchased through the international wine import retailer.

Make sure to consider the wine knowledge of your guests. Try not to invite one guy who is an expert when everyone else is just a novice, unless he is there to teach everyone about tasting. On the other hand, don’t invite a bunch of experts and a single novice, who will feel lost and uncomfortable the entire evening. You want everyone to have a good time at your wine tasting party, so it is important to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with their own knowledge and the group of other guests that will be there for the gathering.

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