Wines from Around the Globe: How to Store Fine Wines at Home

proper-wine-storageHave you ever gotten a great deal on a large amount of wine from your local wine retailers and needed a way to store it so that it didn’t spoil before you could drink it? Most wine drinkers have a smallish wine rack that they use to store a couple of bottles, but what if you make a large purchase of wines from around the globe through an importer of fine wines? It is important to properly store your wine to ensure that it doesn’t go bad. While there are some wines that are meant to be put into long-term, top quality storage for best results, most wines are produced and sold to be consumed within a few years at most.

Things like temperature, consistency of conditions, lighting, humidity and vibration are among the things that many wine collectors and even wine wholesalers in MA and across the country will discuss and debate. You might even be surprised about the way that your bottles should be stored, as a lot of myths about wine storage have been shattered by the experts in recent years. A lot of people think they need to invest in a huge wine rack, dig a wine cellar under their kitchen or purchase a wine cooler and storage unit, but the truth is that with a little bit of knowledge, you can safely store your wines from around the globe inside your home without a lot of fancy equipment.

One of the most important things you need to learn about properly storing wine is that the temperature has to be just right – we’re talking a true “Goldilocks moment” here. Not too warm, not too cold, but just right. Heat is the worst thing for wine, so temperatures that get above 70 degrees will age faster than they should. Anything higher than 80 degrees and your wine will become flat and the flavors will become affected. The best temperature range is between 45 and 65 degrees. If the temperature falls below 45 degrees, the resulting lack of moisture could dry out the cork, allow air to enter the bottle and the wine could be damaged. Frozen wine will turn to ice and expand, pushing out the cork and expelling the product.

BONUS TIP – A steady temperature is important as well. Frequent swings in temperature can lead to seepage. Minor fluctuations are fine, but even an hour in the sun on the way home from your local wine retailers, according to top importers of fine wines, could ruin the wine. Unfortunately, there is no way to no for sure until you uncork it and pour it out into a glass.

When you think about wine wholesalers in MA and retailers of wine from around the globe storing their wine in large warehouses inside of boxes, you don’t think much about the lighting, but fortunately the wine experts do. Even at home, wine should be stored in the dark whenever possible. UV rays can work against your wine to age it prematurely. This is why colored glass bottles are used for wine that is intended to be stored for many years. It works to keep UV rays out during storage and transportation. Even household lighting can fade labels over time because fluorescent bulbs do emit a tiny amount of UV light.

If you live in an environment that is very arid, with a humidity of less than 50 percent, chances are you will also be fighting against this common wine storage problem. Wine retailers make sure to keep wine in a storage that is between 50 and 80 perecent humidity to prevent the corks from drying out over time. Once the corks dry out, air can leak into the bottle and spoil the wine. Desert conditions can definitely affect the quality of the wine. Also, long term storage can put corks at risk of drying out over time. Some swear by the use of a humidifier to keep the desired range, however it is also important to note that too much humidity can also be damaging by promoting mold.

Debates have been held by experts, such as wine retailers, importers of fine wines and wine wholesalers in MA and around the world, with regard to the way that vibration can affect the quality of the wine. It goes without saying that a lot of shaking and moving would be bad for wine storage, but some wine experts now worry about vibrations caused by electronic appliances, such as refrigerator units, wine coolers or even nearby dishwashers, could also be problematic. However, there is very little scientific evidence available to confirm that this type of exposure to electronic appliances actually damages the wine.

While most people will tell you emphatically that your wines from around the globe should be stored horizontally on their sides to prevent the cork from drying out, this is not even an issue if you plan on consuming the wine within a few years. Many wine collectors, as well as importers of fine wines, wine retailers and even wine wholesalers in MA and other states prefer to store wines horizontally for efficiency and to show off their availability, but it is not necessary for short-term storage. Do not worry about having to purchase a large wine rack just to store your big purchase from the wholesaler.

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