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Maple Creek Riesling Ice Wine

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Riesling wines can be highly aromatic with apple, peach and pear at the forefront mixed with delicate floral undertones and often honey and spice on the nose. On the palate, Rieslings echo the apple, pear and peach along with citrus and tropical nuances. Rieslings tend to pick up a noticeable “minerality” from their native soils, explaining why hints of slate or limestone can be exhibited.
This sweet wine intensely complex aromatics and flavours as well as a rich, lingering finish.

The sensory impact is reminiscent of wines made from frozen grapes. Peach, apricot, and honey notes stand out on both the nose and the palate. Chill lightly, serve in a snifter, and lose yourself in the heady perfume. Pairs well with ripe fruit and the richest of desserts.

  • Server Temperature

Ice wine presents itself best between 41 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit(5-8 Celsius). If you serve ice wine too cold, you lose the most delicate aromas; if you serve it too warm you lose its crispness and amplify the sweetness to cloying levels. Use a temperature-controlled wine chiller, or stash the ice wine in your refrigerator for 1 hour, then let it sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes before serving it.

  • Pairings

Ice wine makes a dessert unto itself, but if you choose to pair it with a dessert, do so thoughtfully. Follow the first rule of pairing ice wine — the food cannot be sweeter than the ice wine. If you’re going with a sweet dessert, think subtle, slight and simple. Ice wines, both white and red, show their personality best when served with crisp fruits, such as tart apples or apricots, and moderate cheeses, such as Roquefort or brie. If you’re serving ice wine with starters, pair it with rich foods, such as foie gras or liver pate, and salty foods, such as salumi or cured sardines.


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